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Psittacus Micro .77 Pounds

SKU: B-PSIT-288557

Formula indicated for small species such as nymphs (females in breeding stage), parrots, Australian parakeets (ringnecks, moustached, budgies, etc.)
Maintenance feeds are those indicated to be supplied to pets and breeders in the stages of reproductive inactivity. Its composition allows them to comfortably cover the nutritional needs of these periods.

Approximately daily consume about 10% of their weight in the case of nymphs and up to 18% in the case of parakeets and inseparable.

Psittacus is formulated to constitute 100% of the parrot's food. Other foods can be added to the diet (often to provide variety), but the Psittacus feed should not fall below 70-80% of the total. It is not advisable to add any type of vitamin-mineral supplement to those parrots that basically feed on Psittacus. It is convenient to renew feed and water daily.

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