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Species specific handmade collars by Picky Parrot Products II are designed to combat plucking, overpreening, mutilating and other feather-destructive behaviors in parrots. 

Your parrot will not be able to fly with the collar on. These items are non refundable for biosecurity purposes. Every collar and neckwrap are hand made.Snaps are manually placed on all items that are ordered with snaps. The compression of the snaps can move snap location and that cannot be prevented, you may see some allignments that you would not expect to be. This is not a flaw in the design of function of the item ordered. Collars made with velcro are easily removed by the parrot, thereby defeating the purpose of the collar. Collars come in a variety of colors.

Feel free to mention the species of bird for which this collar is being purchased and we will do our best to match colors for your bird. (Special instructions can be found on the checkout page) However, we cannot guarantee specific colors.

PLEASE  EMAIL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASING YOUR COLLAR. COLLARS CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please also pay attention to weights associated with the collars. 

Our email address is

Our apologies, but promo codes and discounts cannot be used on the collars. 
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