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Full spectrum lighting plays an integral part in the health of your birds.

If your bird does not live outside, or receive daily natural sunshine year-round outdoors, full spectrum lighting is a necessity for your bird.

International customers: Please note that this light requires a 220V Converter. This converter must also be used when purchasing the full spectrum light bulbs.

An important benefit of full spectrum lighting is the effect it has on the glandular system; the Thyroid Glandcontrols how and when the other glands function and for it to function properly, it needs to be stimulated by normal photoperiods of full spectrum light. The Hypothalamus is involved in proper feather development and skin. The Pineal Gland controls the cyclical process such as molting and the reproductive cycle. Birds have four color vision and the lower wavelength (UVA) adds the fourth visual perspective. Correct spectrum and photoperiod of light are also critical factors in normal preening as well as the skin and feather health of birds. If a bird's system is not stimulated through adequate environmental lighting to maintain proper endocrine function, it may become lethargic and not continue normal preening behaviors.

*Glass windows filter out up to 90% of the beneficial UV spectrum unless that glass was made pre 1939. Aluminum screening used can filter out 30% or more UV light. High-grade acrylic (cages) filters out less that 5% of the UV light.

Please keep in mind that this lighting should be used during the daytime hours. It is recommended that you use a timer so that the light goes on and off at specific times each day.

  • Featherbrite LED Full Spectrum/UV Light SET


    This item is for the Capitol Universal Light and the Capitol Swag Light that has one socket. The conversion kit changes the light to two sockets so that you can use our new full spectrum LED 5500k daylight bulb and the LED UV bulb. The set includes a "Y" connector that will fit the LED daylight bulb on one side and the LED UV bulb on the other side. 

    Included: State of the art LED 16 watt/5500k 91 CRI daylight bulb and the LED 1.5 watt low dose UVA bulb. Measurement for the "Y" adapter with the 2 bulbs is 5 1/2 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches in length. Please note: You must use both bulbs TOGETHER for proper Full Spectrum/UVA lighting to allow absorption of Vitamin D3 by your bird. 

    * Will not fit in our "Pagoda" style lights

    REG $42.99
  • Featherbrite LED Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb


    The FeatherBrite 16w LED bulb is designed with the newest technology and you will not find this bulb anywhere except here at FeatherBrite. This bulb is 5500 kelvin on the color scale. There are no UV's in this bulb....just the perfect daylight that they enjoy.

    This 16 watt LED 5500k daytime bulb gives off no heat and does NOT contain any mercury. It does not contain any UV. You now need the UV bulb which is separate for your bird to get the necessary benefits of UV

    It is 1700 lumens bulb and a rated life of 25,000 hours. We do recommend replacing annually as some of the LED bulbs can dull.

    Along with the LED full spectrum bulb, our UV LED Blue bulb should be used. Both bulbs can be used during normal daytime hours. So no worries, your pet bird can have the best of the best with FeatherBrite.

    REG $17.99
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  • Featherbrite UV Replacement Bulb


    This UV bulb is 400 nanometers and 1.5 watt which is a perfect low dose (.04%) UV bulb because it eliminates the worry of how long to use the bulb. You can leave the LED UV bulb on all day and all night if you want to use it as a moonlight. It is a blue/violet light so it is soothing for night fright also. The LED UV bulb is to be used along with the 5500k LED full spectrum day bulb for optimal results. Both the LED full spectrum day bulb and the LED UV bulb used together is 8% UVA and .04% UVB which simulates sunshine without anything harmful for your pet parrot.

    We recommend replacing the UV bulb every 6 to 8 months.

    There is no mercury in this bulb which is really good for the environment and at 1.5 watts, inexpensive to operate.

    REG $17.99
    Sold Out
  • Featherbrite Capitol Universal Cagetop Light


    NEW AND IMPROVED! Available in white, black, sand and silver. Every day is a sunny day with Featherbrite Full Spectrum Lighting!

    The FeatherBrite Full Spectrum Light fits most cages. Lightweight and easy to assemble. Units are 10" square and 10" high. 8 ft. electrical cord. Five non-toxic powder coat colors to choose from! A  full spectrum bulb is included.

    Please click the photo for additional pictures showing colors.

    REG $119.99
  • Featherbrite Capitol Universal Daylight/Moonlight


    Every Day is a Sunny Day, Every Night is a Moonlit Night with FeatherBrite Full Spectrum Dayight/Moonlight Lighting for your Pet Bird.

    Two lights in one, day and night! This light is great for those pet birds that experience night fright. The low-dose blue violet UV bulb provides a calming atmosphere.

    The FeatherBrite Full Spectrum Light fits most cages. Lightweight and easy to assemble. Units are 10" square and 10" high. 8 ft. electrical cord. 

     Available in white, black, champagne (light silver) and hammered steel. Please click the photo for additional pictures showing colors.

    Photo Courtesy of Susan Rather

    REG $139.99
  • Featherbrite Capitol Swag Light


    Available in white, black, sand, champagne (light silver) and hammered steel. Every day is a sunny day with Featherbrite Full Spectrum Lighting!

    This is a great way to provide your birds with healthy full spectrum light. Our swag light has a durable non-toxic powder coat finish. Chain is 12 feet with off/on switch on cord. Comes with a full spectrum bulb and hanging kit. Shade is 8 inches high and 10 inches wide..

    Please click the photo for additional pictures showing colors.

    REG $84.99
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