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Playgyms provide activity for both small and large birds.

Safe, non-toxic powder-coated finish, mess guards, ladders, crocks and natural wood perches.
  • Multi-Level Playstand with Ladders

    SKU: H-AEJ6
    Technical Details
    • Exterior Dimensions: 32"x21"x64"

    Product Features
    • Non-toxic & bird safe
    • 2 stainless steel dishes
    • 2 wooden perches
    • 3 ladders
    • 4 screw in casters
    REG $299.99
  • Prevue Floor Activity Center Small

    SKU: G-PV067287

    In nature many companion birds spend a large portion of their day exploring and foraging.  This activity includes hours of climbing, reaching, swinging, and just plain old goofing around.  The Prevue Play Center r allows you to recreate and enjoy this natural behavior in your home environment.

    REG $179.99
    Sold Out
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