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A trusted legacy of experience in the pet industry for over 60 years!

  • Penn Plax Finch Fries

    SKU: B-BSAC7
    Finch Fries, Consumable treats for all types of birds. Dimensions: 4 in. x 1.25 in. x 6.2 in.. A nutritiously delicious treat for birds. A fun way to hand feed your pet. Interactive packaging meant to be chewed and foraged. Popcorn treads made from 100% natural ingredients.
    REG $2.99
    Sold Out
  • PennPlax Ferris Wheel for Small Birds

    SKU: K-BA512
    Great for budgies, parrotlets, cockatiels, lovebirds and similarly sized birds. Add to their enrichment by placing non-perishable treats inside the the little seats! Bright colors to attract your bird's interests!

    3 3/4” L x 1 3/4” W x 3 1/2” H
    REG $4.99
  • PennPlax Coconut Kabob with Wood & Sisal

    SKU: K-BA1870
    Fun fun fun! Foraging, too! Hide some non-perishable treats inside the coconut for added enrichment. 

    This monster toy is 15" Long and about 8" wide (sizes vary as it is a natural product). This toy is made out of sisal, natural coconut and various wood sizes and shapes. 
    REG $19.99
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