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For birds who like to screw around! 

GIVE YOUR BIRD A JOB !! Busy Bird’s mechanical and foraging parrot toys are built to last for the life of your bird. Constructed of solid anodized aluminum and some stainless steel, our toys are safe, durable and lightweight. They are chemical and dishwasher safe- the colors won’t wash away or fade. All toys with wing nuts and hex nuts are hassle-free, as they won’t come off their bolts. The thread at the end of the bolts are altered, so your feathered friend can’t get them off and you don’t have to “forage” around the floor of the cage to find them.

These brightly colored, well built toys are a re-introduction of Frasier Products Parrot Toys made and sold in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Our parent company was the manufacturer and now Busy Bird is bringing them back with improvements!

  • EleWaiter by Busy Bird Toys

    SKU: E-BB-EW
    We call it the EleWaiter because it moves up and down and it serves treats. Parrots must turn the "helicopter arm" 6 full revolutions to lower 1 shelf.  There are 3 shelves in all.  Solid, thick aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

    Weighs 1 1/4#. Very sturdy.  Recommended for medium to large birds, from Eclectus, Greys, Goffins, etc. to Macaws and Cockatoos. 

    "Waiter" is 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 and height is 7 1/4 unextended. The waiter adds an additional 3 inches fully extended. 
    REG $48.39
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  • ImpossiBalll by Busy Bird Toys

    SKU: E-BB-IB
    The ImpossiBall is a totally Stainless Steel brain teaser for  your bird! They cannot get the ball out and it provides for hours of entertainment. The "cage", chain and quick link is all welded SS. The cage is 5" wide x 3.25" high  and the chain is approximately 8" long. A true winner!
    REG $48.39
  • Busy Barrel by Busy Bird Toys

    SKU: E-BB-BB
    The Busy Barrel below is a 2.5" diameter barrel shaped vessel with six wing nuts that can be unscrewed.  Two sides of the barrel then fall away to reveal a treat inside or simply to keep birds busy opening it up.  There are also two wing nuts that unscrew on the sides.  Constructed of solid aluminum the Busy Barrel is designed to last a lifetime.  Birds love the challenge and the clanking noises it makes when coming apart. The wing nuts will not fall off as the threaded rods have been hammered so the can't come off and you don't have to "forage" around the bottom of the cage floor to find them!
    REG $43.99
  • Spinner by Busy-Bird Toys


    Totally Stainless Steel. The spinnner turns and travels back and forth on the rod. Great for birds who love to play!

    2.5" wide x 2.5" long. Spinner is 2.75"

    REG $19.24
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  • Spinner Blue Flame by Busy-Bird Toys


    Totally Stainless Steel. The blue spinnner turns and travels back and forth on the rod. Great for birds who love to play!

    2.5" wide x 2.5" long. Spinner is 2.75"

    REG $21.44
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  • Busy Strip by Busy-Bird Toys

    SKU: E-BB-BS

    The ultimate in “un-screwables.” The Busy Strip’s 4 wing nuts and 4 hex nuts can be unscrewed, but can’t come off like all Busy Bird products. The quick link on the last hole can be a challenge for your bird to get off, or hang another toy or noisemaker to it. Hours and hours of intellectual fun. Side cage mount or hang.

    Strip is 8" long x 3/4 inch wide.

    REG $42.85
  • Goodie Gadget by Busy-Bird Toys

    SKU: E-BB-GG

    The Goodie Gadget is solid aluminum. The Peek a Boo window lets your bird see the treat inside but can’t get to it. The red top takes a full 9 rotations to open, while the cylinder swivels on its axis. Side cage mount. Both prongs on the top must be engaged to turn the top. A real challenge for your feathered friend!

    Gadget is 1.5" wide x 2.5" long

    REG $31.85
    Sold Out
  • Busy Box by Busy-Bird Toys

    SKU: E-BB-BB2.5

    Perfect for medium to large birds. Constructed of solid aluminum and stainless steel, this toy is built to last a lifetime. Parrots love its bright colors and the clanky sounds it makes as they take it apart by unscrewing the wing-nuts.  Put a treat inside and let them go at it! Mounts securely to the side or top of their cage.  The wing nuts won’t fall off, so you’re never digging on the bottom of the cage to find them! Chemical and dishwasher safe.  

    Box size: 2.5 inches square
    Wing nut “wingspan”:  1.5 inches
    Product weight:  8 oz.

    REG $43.99
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