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Prevue Wrought Iron Travel Cage

SKU: H-PV1307

Prevue Wrought Iron Travel Bird Cage 18x14.25x14

The Prevue #1307 Travel Carrier is the perfect solution for both short and long trips. During automotive travel, welded brackets on the side secure the carrier in place using your vehicles seat belt. The solid-face cup doors and lock-in-place cups cannot be dislodged by birds or travel. This cage comes equipped with secure, bird-proof door, grill and tray locks. When it comes time for rest the playtop provides the perfect place for a well deserved break along the way.
  • Ideal for short term use, traveling or emergency situations
  • Anodized aluminum is rust resistant, sturdy and lighter than other travel cages
  • Innovative welded bracket seat belt collars for automotive travel safety
  • Solid cup doors prevent spilling while the lock-in-place cups won’t be dislodged by your bird
  • 18 3/4’’ Long, 14 7/8’’ Wide and 18’’ High (25'' High to top of play top) with 1/2'' wire spacing
$170.99 / Each
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