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Toys and foot toys geared toward medium-sized birds, such as larger conures, pionus, caiques, eclectus, greys, smaller cockatoos and mini-macaws.
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  • Super Bird Creations Beakwich

    SKU: E-SB611

    A great shreddable toy for small to medium birds.Woven maize disks adorned with wooden parts & crinkle paper. Hide some of their favorite treats in the paper behind the maize disks.  

    9" x 5"

    Photo courtesy of Izzy, a Bare Eyed Cockatoo, and her mom, Cathy, in New York

    REG $8.23
  • Super Bird Creations Starburst

    SKU: E-SB480
    Many colored wooden slats and natural munch balls held together with a wicker star at the top. Great for foraging, too!
    REG $10.29
    Sold Out
  • Super Bird Creations Rainbow Bridge Jr.

    SKU: E-SB449

    Great for small to medium birds, this toy provides lots of fun! Hangs from side to side, or make it into a swing! Wood, chain and fun!

    16" x 10"

    REG $11.32
  • Paradise Rawhide Log Large

    SKU: K-PT530

    Great for Medium to Large birds. Strung from a large rawhide lot are chains chock full of fun wood to destroy. Finished off with a bell. 

    Please note: Wood shapes, colors and sizes may vary from the pictured toy.

    8" x 21"

    REG $20.95
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  • Paradise Star Card Stacker Small

    SKU: K-PT741

    NEW! Great for shreadding. Natural paper stars and wood make this a great tear-up toy for smaller to medium birds.

    11" x 3.5"

    REG $5.01
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  • Hot Taballes by Choppers

    SKU: E-CHOP-OB707

    Natural Reed Balls Stuffed with Red Hot Chilies
    2 1/5"-3"round 
    Use as a foot toy or hang with a quick link or short cord

    REG $3.99
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  • Aronico Coco Loco

    SKU: ARO014

    Foraging, shredding, swinging.... FUN! Hide some nuts inside and watch your bird spend hours getting them out. A simply fabulous toy geared toward bigger birds but fun for medium sized birds too! Can also be used as a "nest" for smaller finches.

    Comes strung on a 5" chain.

    REG $10.99
  • Aronico Preener Small

    SKU: ARO011

    The Aronico Preener Small is designed for hours of preening and chewing enjoyment and wonderful fun for small to medium birds. Great for pluckers and overpreeners.

    5" long x 6" wide

    REG $7.89
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  • Stainless Steel Bell Small by Paradise Toys

    SKU: K-PT298

    NEW Safe, stainless steel bell with recessed clapper - virtually impossible to remove. 

    Bell is 1" x 3" long

    REG $11.17
  • Paradise Bamboo Large

    SKU: K-PT453

    Bamboo, wood, chain and sisal 8 x 18 inches!

    Please note: Wood shapes, colors and sizes may vary from the pictured toy.

    REG $19.83
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  • Paradise Tug Lover

    SKU: K-PT648

    Texture galore! Safe sisal rope, plastic chain, wood beads and mini blocks of wood.

    Bird Size: Small to Medium

    Toy Size: 14 x 5 inches

    REG $8.37
    Sold Out
  • Reinforcement Foraging Wheel by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF613

    The wheel is a favorite with highly active parrots especially Amazons, Caiques, Cockatoos and Macaws as well as the very clever parrots i.e. African Greys, in fact it seems to be enthusiastically enjoyed by most parrots.


    Video courtesy of Cody, the Severe Macaw, and her mom, Dawn in Washington State

    REG $19.46
    Sold Out
  • Foraging Carousel 6 X 6 by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF722

    Spinning Carousel This highly interactive device provides entertainment for parrots and their human companions. The carousel bracket mounts on the side of the cage. The device is a six inch cross which houses 4 two inch square boxes. The lid on each box opens differently and the entire device spins freely on the bracket. Please click the picture for additional information and additional videos.

    Video courtesy of Capo, the African Grey, and his dad, Ivan, in Croatia

    REG $24.32
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  • Turn 'N Learn Logs

    SKU: K-PTNI2482

    Add healthy foraging activity to your bird's environment with this puzzle/treat holder device. Hide your birdie's favorite treats inside the logs. Twist the Turn 'N Learn Logs together and hang.

    For beginners, the logs may be twisted loosely. Birds just can't resist the twisting fun!

    REG $16.20
    Sold Out
  • Super Bird Creations Large Rattle Foot Toy

    SKU: E-SB041

    Wooden barbell with two plastic triangles. Great for medium to larger birds. Approx. 4" long.

    REG $2.46
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  • Java Wood Coco Parrot

    SKU: JWHB46696

    Birds need natural toys to pick, chew, shred, and forage to condition their beaks and satisfy their instincts. Lots of enricment here with this new coconut shell made into the shape of Parrot's head!! Make it a foraging toy and stuff some non-perishable treats in the parrot's mouth. The mouth comes with cuttlebone and wood blocks to chew. Recommended for medium birds to less agressive larger birds. 

    Approximate Size: 6" x 6" x 6" Please note: this is a natural toy, so sizing may vary slightly

    REG $24.99
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