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Snuggle Up Bird Warmer Medium/Large

SKU: KH09060
  • Counters the effects of cold drafts & air conditioning that can harm exotic birds
  • Controlled thermostatically to help maintain ideal body temperature
  • Heats with harmless, 12 volt electricity
  • Provides stable environment for birds with its consistent, safe source of warmth
  • Lowers avian stress
  • Simple attachment to wire cages
  • Energy efficient, 7 & 10 watts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Med/Large  - 7" x 4" - Perch not included

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Cold drafts and air conditioning can negatively affect the health of exotic birds. Keep your bird safe and warm with the K&H Snuggle Up Bird Warmer™. This bird cage heater attaches to the side of the cage, which allows birds to get close to the heat and stay comfortable.

The K&H Snuggle Up Bird Warmer™ is available in 2 sizes to accommodate different size exotic birds. It comes with a 12 volt power adapter.

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