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I'm King of my Cage!


Bowser is an absolutely precious Blue Crown Conure who lives with his brother, Link (pictured peaking out at the bottom of the gym) and his mom, Lindsey, in Georgia. Santa did a little shopping at My Safe Bird Store and one of the gifts was their Deluxe Cagetop Gym. Mom says it was an instant hit!

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Bowser is a 2 year old Blue Crown Conure who was adopted from a coworker who "wanted do downsize on the amount of furniture" he had.  When I went to get him the cage he was in had ONE dowel perch and one crummy toy that looked like it was made out of some type of toxic metal.  His cage was about 14" x 16" it was way to small for him.  No matter where he was inside the cage his tail hit the sides.  He was also given to me with "parrot mix" from walmart.  It took forever to wean him off all those seeds. The first thing I did was go out and buy a cage for him, I didn't want him in that tiny cage any longer.  Due to his neglect he has stereotypy and has all kinds of little "ticks" he does.  He will sit in one spot on his perch and shift weight from foot to foot and bob his head up and down.  He methodically chews on his leg band and does all sorts of other silly little things.  He is getting much better about it now.  He is very sweet though and talks and loves to sit on my shoulder.  He makes a sound that sounds exactly like a newborn baby crying.  I later found that the coworker's granddaughter lived with him for a little while so the bird learned from the baby.  He also makes a kissy noise and says "good boy".  He has come a long way since I adopted him.  He used to fall like a rock even though his wings weren't clipped but within the last couple days he has learned how to get lift and fly to where he wants to land.  He loves music and will dance on his perch to it, he also loves to bathe in his water bowl, and he loves his Green Cheek Conure buddy Link. - Lindsey in Georgia

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