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Polly's Sandy Window/Shower Perch Small

SKU: M-PPP50746

Transform any smooth vertical surface into the ideal location for a bird perch. Sandy Window/Shower Bird Perch provides perching pleasure for your pet bird whether you install it on a window, mirror or shower stall. Non-slip, sand coating on the lightweight PVC perch pampers birds with the perfect surface to clean and trim nails and beaks. Also conditions and softens feet. Three oversized suction cups simplify mounting and supports even heavy birds. Metal hanging loop on the end provides a convenient site for hanging bird toys for additional mental and physical stimulation. Folds flat when not in use. Washable

Recommended for smaller birds such as cockatiels, conures, etc.. 13" long  x 8"wide -  7/8" Perch Diameter

Please note: These perches only work on tile or smooth glass surfaces. They will not work on fiberglass enclosures.

$23.75 / each
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