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Polly's Manu Mineral Perch Small

SKU: M-PPP50373

Manu Mineral Perch contains the same minerals in the identical concentration found in the Manu River's natural mineral-rich clay. Birds flock to this tributary of the Amazon River, and your birds will be drawn to this mineral-infused perch, molded to look like Cholla cactus wood. Just like birds in the wild, pet birds need the unique blend of the nine minerals this perch contains. Satisfies birds' chewing desire with healthy results.


6" Long - Diameters Vary

Rating: 5 star(s)
$10.88 / Each
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Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:Birds like it as a perch and for chewing
Cons:When chewed enough a long metal rod is exposed, not sure how this will work in the cage.
Comments:For a while my birds didn't chew this. But all my parakeets liked standing on it due to it's wide and textured surface- something different. I used it for my underweight parakeet to conserve energy and she gravitated to it. Eventually my parakeet who likes to chew everything discovered it and and she and the third parakeet both chew it on occasion. As it is chewed away it takes new shape for their feet which they seem to enjoy. I originally purchased it as an alternative to using cuttle bone, which I don't agree with. It has a similar texture and also has mineral properties. There is no downside here. If your birds don't end up chewing it, at least it can still be used as a perch. I will continue to purchase.

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