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Sweet Feet & Beak Safety Perch Large

SKU: L-SFB14400

With a rough side for trimming, and a soft side to protect sensitive birdie feet, Safety perches can help keep nails and beaks in top condition.  Large size is approximately 13 inches long and measures approximately 1-1/4 inch in diameter. Recommended for medium birds, such as small cockatoos, greys, eclectus, galahs and similarly sized birds.

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Cons:When placed to trim nails, the perch is thin and flat. There is no smooth, flat space place to rest their feet. After repeated use, the rough surface scrapes, irritates and thins the bottom of their feet.
Comments:I meant to buy Sweet Beaks & Feet's wonderful pumice perch, but bought this one in error. I've used cement perches in the past, and their avian vet said it was scraping and thinning the bottom of their feet. He also said cement is drying to bird's feet, and said not to use them.

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