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Manzanita Superoost Perch XLarge

SKU: L-SFB15011
Manzanita is one of the hardest hardwoods found on earth. Birds love to chew on things and most wood is no match for their sharp and powerful beaks. The 100% natural “Manzanita Superoost” is made from natural branches which usually come in irregular shapes and diameters. The Superoost is sandblasted to remove foreign matter and insure no sharp edges to damage your birds feet. Bring the rainforest inside! These mimic the branches the birds would be perching on in the wild. The varied terrain of the “Manzanita Superoost” is not only more enjoyable for your bird, but it helps exercise their feet and legs.

14" x 3" (approximate size since it is a natural branch)

Recommended for larger birds, such as macaws and cockatoos

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$27.08 / Each

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