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Higgins Vita Seed Cockatiel Bulk PER LB

SKU: D-HIG21017-B

Made with only fresh current year seeds and grains. Higgins then cleans and polishes the seeds and grains to remove dust, which is harmful to all birds' delicate respiratory air sacs. Their special process of "pasteurization" is done with our specially designed machinery which ensures a good shelf life. Then they add liquid and pellet vitamins fortified which consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (protein#, digestive enzymes, fruit concentrates and vegetables.) No artificial colors or flavors.

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$2.31 / per pound

  • Triple Air Cleaned #for delicate respiratory air sacs of birds#. Subject To Top Quality Control By Our Qualified Avian Experts And Nutritionists.
  • Packaging: double laminated Air Out #TM) nitrogen flushed poly bags.
  • Tested And Researched - Each batch of Nederlands Vita Seed is analyzed and tested in our laboratories, thus insuring you excellent and consistent quality control.
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