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Harrison's Certified Organic Grey Millet 5# Bag

  • Premium, certified organic, grey millet
  • To add appeal to baked treats like Harrison's Bird Bread Mix
  • As occasional treats. Not to exceed 5% of the total diet.
  • Used with Builder as an organic conversion tool prior to being switched to a formulated diet to improve health previously compromised by preservatives, pesticides and an unbalanced diet.
  • Not licensed for sprouting or human consumption.
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Veterinarians see many cases of liver disease that they feel are due to secondary toxin exposure. Most of these birds were fed seeds or seed/ fruit mixes with uncertain pesticide content; no alfatoxin testing and have sulfur dioxide used as a preservative.

*Warning: Veterinarians and nutritionists have known for decades that birds fed seeds and assorted supplements develop malnutritional diseases. Many of these diseases are similar to such diseases in humans and they may take decades to be obvious. At that time correction may not work or it may involve hundreds of dollars in medical intervention. Conversion of a bird from organic seeds to a balanced and proven health-benefitting diet like Harrison’s Bird Foods (formulated) or some other pellet, together with a plentiful amount of vegetables is advised in all cases.

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