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Prevue Cuttlebone Basics Cuttlebone Holder

SKU: EE-PV01149

Add some versatility to your bird's snack routine with the Prevue Pet Products Birdie Basics Cuttlebone Holder. This bright yellow holder hangs easily in any cage, and can hold a variety of treats to help keep your bird healthy and interested.

$4.89 / Each
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Availability: In Stock
Features: Hangs easily in your bird's cage and can hold cuttlebones, millet, fruit or veggies
Includes: 1 Cuttlebone Holder
Activity: Holds cuttlebones, millet, fruit or veggies for extra versatility
Color: Yellow
Material: Plastic
Dimension: 1"L x 2"W x 5-1/2"H
Compatiable With: Most Prevue Pet Cuttlebones
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